Adult Education – Why Keep Kosher?

Saturday, March 13th
Havdalah at 7:15 pm; Program at 7:30 pm

In our study we will review the basic laws of keeping kosher, and we will ask the question: what is the rationale for these laws? (Spoiler Alert: Everything you were told as a child about the reason for the kosher laws is wrong.)

Rabbi Wylen notes: “I once did a study of why the Jews in my town of Wayne kept kosher. I asked people who came in the door of the JCC for the Purim carnival: ‘Do you keep kosher? Why?’ I discovered two things. One, very few Jews kept kosher, even if they belonged to a traditional congregation.
Two, the main reason Jews in Wayne kept kosher is because the Lubavitcher Rebbetzin had befriended them and asked them to do it as a favor to her. Okay, that’s a reason.”