Book Discussion Group & Brunch — Sun., November 5, 12:30 pm

We are reading The Escape Artist by Jonathan Freedland.

In April 1944, Rudolf Vrba became one of the very first Jews to escape from Auschwitz and make his way to freedom—among only a tiny handful who ever pulled off that near-impossible feat. He did it to reveal the truth of the death camp to the world—and to warn the last Jews of Europe what fate awaited them. Against all odds, Vrba and his fellow escapee, Fred Wetzler, climbed mountains, crossed rivers, and narrowly missed German bullets until they had smuggled out the first full account of Auschwitz the world had ever seen—a forensically detailed report that eventually reached Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and the Pope.

And yet too few heeded the warning that Vrba had risked everything to deliver. Though Vrba helped save two hundred thousand Jewish lives, he never stopped believing it could have been so many more.

This is the story of a brilliant yet troubled man—a gifted “escape artist” who, even as a teenager, understood that the difference between truth and lies can be the difference between life and death. Rudolf Vrba deserves to take his place alongside Anne Frank, Oskar Schindler, and Primo Levi as one of the handful of individuals whose stories define our understanding of the Holocaust.

Free for Sisterhood members, guests $5.

 If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Berkenfeld at

Available on Audible, Kindle, Somerset County Library System, Libraries of Middlesex Consortium, and as an EBook on eLibraryNJ

Hebrew Prayer Classes – selected Sundays, 12pm

Our Hebrew Prayers classes are being taught by our Religious School teacher Cory Heimberg.

In each class, Cory will present one prayer and discuss its meaning, why we say it, its placement in the service, and lead us in reciting it. 

October 8, 15, 29

November 19

December 3, 17

As with all our Adult Education classes, guests are very welcome! There is a $5 fee per class.

Shabbat / Simchat Torah – Friday, October 6, 8:00 pm

Please join us as we celebrate Simchat Torah with Rabbi Wylen and Cantor Roffman.

  • Sing and Dance with the Torahs!
  • Parade the scrolls around the sanctuary!
  • Listen to the very last & first verses of the Torah!
  • Enjoy delicious & festive Torah-themed treats!

Simchat Torah is a joyous occasion and a fun celebration for all. We hope to see everyone there.

Supper in the Sukkah – Sun, Oct 1st, 5:00 pm

Please join us at CKI to celebrate the joyous festival of Sukkot and participate together in the Mitzvah of eating in the Sukkah. At this potluck dinner, you can enjoy good food, good conversation, and good company! Rabbi Wylen will lead us in the blessing over the lulav and etrog.

Please bring a dairy/pareve/vegetarian contribution for the meal. (See page 7 of our Kashrut policy for the Potluck & Home Cooking guidelines.)

Supper in the Sukkah is free for all CKI Members, and $5.00 for guests. Please let guests know they should not bring any food or beverages.