Chesed (Caring) Committee

CKI’s Chesed Committee is dedicated to strengthening our community by supporting members of the congregation in their times of both joy and sorrow.

The committee is happy to provide help to our congregants, when we’ve been made aware that help is needed. If you – or your friends or family at CKI – are in a situation for which you need our support (such as:  home with a new baby; a death in the family; an illness or injury) please contact us at

Help that the Chesed Committee can provide includes:

  • Assisting those who are homebound or in the hospital by visiting, bringing a light meal,
    or helping with errands
  • Providing Shiva support – assisting in finding volunteers for a minyan, or help to organize a meal for the family.
  • Coordinating rides to CKI for services and events