Our synagogue’s strength and vitality come from our membership. Many of our congregants are involved in the life of our synagogue, volunteering their time and efforts to work on our committees, activities, and social events. We truly value the role they play in defining and shaping our future!

We encourage all congregants to join a committee. Please contact the current committee chair or CKI President Marla Lecin.

Committee Chairs:

Adult Education: Nancy BerkenfeldHouse & Aesthetics: Michael Garber & Pam Barr
Cemetary: Rich BielyMembership: Lori Siegel
Chesed (Caring): Pam BarrPersonnel: Michael Garber
Education: Robin GarberRitual: Matthew Lecin
Event Planning: Pam Barr & Robin GarberPublic Relations (Newsletter & Website):
Marla Lecin
Fundraising: Marla Lecin & Robin Garber Security & Technology: Matthew Lecin