October Adult Education – King Hezekiah

Saturday, October 24, 7:15 Havdalah, 7:30 class

As a Jew you have surely heard of Moses.
You know about Abraham and Sarah, King David, Hillel, and Rabbi Akiva.

Right up there with these great figures in the evolution of Judaism is King Hezekiah.
Educated by the Prophet Isaiah, he saved his Kingdom of Judah from the advancing Assyrian Empire.

Hezekiah could not know what his innovations would bring, but Judaism as we know it
is inconceivable without Hezekiah.  The Torah, the Passover Seder, synagogue worship — 
none of these would have come into being if not for Hezekiah’s reforms of Israelite religion.

Without him, the Jews would have disappeared in the 7th Century BCE. And you know that Christmas carol, “Unto us a Child is Born” ? – that child is actually Hezekiah.

Join Rabbi Wylen and learn more about King Hezekiah. Have your Bible handy if you can.

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